We offer 4 packages suited best to our client's preferences in various group sizes and individual needs.


Standard picture

  • contains a single picture
  • retouch on the photo
  • stylist assistance
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Event session

  • contains multiple pictures
  • retouch on the photo
  • the final amount varies
  • ((Ingame events))
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Couple Photo

  • contains one picture of a couple
  • retouch on the photos
  • stylist assistance
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Special request

  • contains a single picture
  • we do everything your way
  • extreme ideas
  • ((Anything that includes props))
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More information

Social media

We have experience for all tastes, so the palette ranges from profile shots to portraits. If you're just looking for a simple profile shot, you're in safe hands with us.


We are also prepared for events, whether it's a wedding or any group event, ready to capture the memories.

Personal Photography

With a personalized portfolio, uniquely designed ideas and options to embrace any imagination, the end result is not just a memory, but a unique work of art.


Every picture is taken with the utmost care, but most of the work starts after the photos are taken. We try to get the most out of the images in post-production, so that the end result is a unique reflection of ourselves.